What People Say?

"On behalf of the Citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we are pleased to confer upon Michael Kaye this Governor's Citation in recognition of your outstanding service and commitment to the Supplier Diversity Program. "
Deval L. Patrick, Governor
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
“The qualities that Michael has as an individual are what makes him an outstanding business coach. He is supportive, encouraging, insightful and enthusiastic. He is always able to point out the positive aspects in any business lesson. Michael is also an excellent facilitator. In our group coaching sessions, he creates a very open yet engaging learning environment that allows the viewpoints of each participant. Michael’s group coaching has enlightened me and significantly improved my business approach.”
Stuart Parson Principal
S. M. Parsons Architects Inc.
"We needed job descriptions and people needed to know who they should report to. We needed to know more about the financial side of the business. We also needed better controls and reporting systems for the financial and scheduling side of the business. All of our needs were met. The company is much more organized now. We have systems and procedures in place to continue this work. Several areas for savings were found that we are now benefiting from. Mike was a great guy to work with and has a good head on his shoulders."
Frank Carrier, President
F. Carrier Company
"Mike's contagious enthusiasm was always refreshing. At Northwestern's Kellogg School we were assigned to study groups and Mike was a big addition to our team. His "Can Do" attitude and warmth in relationship building were great lessons for all of us! "
John F. Johnson, VP-Genesis Networks
"We just had our 2nd Annual FocalPoint New England Team Meeting, sailing on Boston Harbor with Michael as our Captain. Michael has been running his “Sailing to Your Success” Program for years and I can now see why business leaders and their teams, value and appreciate the Program so much. If you are looking for an opportunity to disconnect from the daily chaos of your business, connect with your team for a few hours to build relationship and discuss business matters, all while enjoying the fresh air and views from Boston Harbor and the islands, I highly recommend that you reach out to Michael to explore this Program. Your business will benefit and your team will thank you."
Marc Cote - Business Coach / Area Representative
Focal Point Business Coaching
Michael showed true professionalism in handling our sales and marketing needs. We are extremely satisfied with the work he performed. I can gladly state that I would recommend his services as a business coach and mentor to others in need of business focus and direction.
Mayda Chaprazian
President, Arvest Press, Inc.
"It has now been almost three years since I first started working with Michael. He has worked with me primarily on sales and marketing, but has also been able to do some deep dives into business operations and transitions. In a simple summary - Michael helped me believe in myself and my strength. I know I can do what I set out to do now."
Elsa Kitts - Sales Manager
American Printing
"Michael Kaye is a rocket scientist when it comes to running a business. I felt very comfortable with his guidance. He is an extremely knowledgeable, hard working guy. I am at a loss to figure out how we got anything done before we started using Mike's suggestions!!!"
William Gurley, President
Kip's Transportation, Inc
"Michael made an enormous difference in my business this year. Revenue increased by 70% since I started working with him. He used a combination of systems, procedures, positive attitude, goal-setting, encouragement, and humor to enable me to improve my business habits to bring more work in the door. His help has been invaluable and the lessons I learned will help me bring my business from good to great. He helped me visualize what I could be doing to grow the business, and even when I stumbled, he kept a positive, encouraging attitude. I would recommend him (and already have) to anyone wanting to improve their business."
Elisif Brandon - President
Elisif Architectural Photography
"I applaud Michael's effort to chronicle entrepreneurial stories in the book on "Excellence". The case studies in all their rich diversity inspire us to continue down a challenging path rarely chosen."
Kelley C. Chunn, Principal
Kelley Chunn and Associates
"Michael is an outstanding listener and really understands what he hears so that his feedback is accurate, insightful and progressive. He knows how to take a business from point A to point B increasing effectiveness and success."
Cristine Aronson - CEO
Just Image Gallery
"Mike is an innovative self-starter who exceeds expectations. It has been a pleasure working with an experienced professional of his caliber. He consistently demonstrated his ability to lead projects, which require a paradigm shift in the way our company views our services operating unit. Mike's work ethic, versatility, and superior people skills have received high praise from other associates. I highly recommend Mike."
Michael Nikosey, Controller
Delphi Technology
"I have worked with Michael on projects for several different clients. One of my clients were so impressed with the results, that the client relationship continues to this day. Michael Kaye is a true professional and a mensch. He never passes up the opportunity to create and maintain good client relationships, as well as relationships between himself, his business contacts and the community at large."
Leslie Genser
I have been working with Michael Kaye for coaching services in a group coaching setting.
Michael has enabled me to look at my business with a fresh set of eyes. By Structuring client and financial information with Michael’s methodology, I now possess concrete data and a business plan, working to achieve objectives and goals.
The group coaching has provided us the opportunity to ask questions of each other and give feedback in a non-judgmental way. This synergy has benefited our group to actively encourage, share knowledge, and offer assistance to each other. In addition to coaching us, Michael is supportive of sharing information and ideas as we collectively want our “team” to succeed
Cindi Jacobs, Owner
Simply Done
We Found Excellence, when we found Mike... From the moment Mike called me and came to my office, his passion on the subject of his book, "We Found Excellence" was obvious. Mike wanted everyone he met to tell how they succeeded and what obstacles they encountered along the way in order to help other Minority and Women businesses. Thank you for your passion, leadership and dedication to the M/WBE's as well as the small business sector that is the soul of our Country, especially in creating jobs.
Loretta T. DeGrazia, President and CEO
East Coast Petroleum Corp.
“Mike’s coaching has been instrumental in devising a most effective sales strategy for Docuserf in marketing our services to State of Massachusetts agency decision makers. Because of his assistance, we have begun to make significant traction. I would highly recommend Mike’s coaching services to anyone that is looking for a comprehensive on point sales strategy that delivers outstanding results.”
Natalye Stein Alter,
Sales Director, Docuserf, Inc