As a client, you will benefit from Michael's tremendous amount of hands on business experience where he has started, built and grew his own businesses and also started built and grew divisions for major corporations. Then, in 1997, he started The Business Coach to help other people start, build, grow and profitably manage their own business. Please see the following to learn more about Michael's experiences and how they can help you.


Clients - Michael has worked with a wide range of clients from start-ups to fortune 500 corporations. As a client, you will benefit from the systems, methods and procedures that he has successfully implemented with over 200 companies and thousands of business people. Click here to see a sampling of Michael's clients.


What do people say? See what people have said about Michael Kaye. Learn from his clients, how he provides business coaching and what they received. Listen to what they suggest. From a startup that is now extremely successful. Another business that was ready to close their doors and then the owner said Michael is a rocket scientist when it comes to business as they became strong again. Then there is the testimonial from the Governor who speaks how Michael has helped so many businesses in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Click here to read testimonials.

Awards and Recognitions

Michael and The Business Coach have been recognized for their success in helping people and businesses reach and exceed their goals. Awards range from one of the most successful marketing programs with NFL Properties and Nabisco brands, to several state and industry awards. Click here to learn more about these awards and recognitions.


Book - "We Found Excellence"

While Michael was serving on the State Business Advisory Board, helping women and minority businesses become successful, he decided to write a book. He felt that this book was needed to show business people what they needed to do and how to do it. Michael wanted to teach, inspire, motivate and make people successful. Part of the process of writing this book was interviewing business owners and telling their stories as per what they did to become successful. This book is now available on Amazon and also through this website. Click here to learn more.

Television Program - We Found Excellence

After Michael wrote the book, " We Found Excellence", he then created the television program, We Found Excellence. The goal of the TV program was to continue to use the same format of the book to teach, inspire and motivate people, how to start, run and improve their business. Interviews are conducted in the television studio and also at the entrepreneur’s place of business. Click here to learn more and watch actual episodes.

Case Studies

Case studies provide actual business scenarios where the reader can learn from other people's experiences. How did a printing company go from a negative cash flow, placing their building up for sale and reducing the number of employees to becoming profitable, positive cash flow, not selling their building and adding more employees? Or, what was one of the best marketing programs created, when Nabisco Brands collaborated with NFL Properties? Click here to read about - Case Studies. Read More.