Case Studies

Case Studies

Business scenario: Printing Company, Negative cash flow, selling building - then Turned around

I met the owner of a printing company at a Chamber of Commerce Business Expo.  We started talking and at first, he said business was good.  Then, as we continued talking, he said he might need some help.  I offered to visit him at his location and we scheduled a meeting.  Upon my arrival at his place of business, I saw a sign that said For Sale.  This made me wonder.  I then went inside, started talking to the owner and he said not to worry.  His business isn’t for sale.  Only his building is for sale.  His accountant told him to sell the building to solve their cash flow problems.  Then he would pay rent to the new owner of the real estate.

I first analyzed his business.  Then I came back to the owner with a Business Coaching / Consulting plan.  Within the plan, I showed him how he should not sell his building.  We would correct the cash flow situation through operational changes, improved sales and marketing and increased profitability. 

Within the first month we took down the For Sale sign.  Through business coaching, changes in operations and a new sales and marketing plan, the profits and cash flow began to increase. 

Results: Within one year, his sales had doubled, cash flow was not an issue and the business was growing.  The owner knew the printing business in term of printing.  They had to learn how to run a business, versus the business running them.  The company has continued to grow in a very profitable way.  They have added employees to handle their growth.  As a side note, the owners are now able to have some vacation time and even bought a place where their family takes vacations.

Business scenario: Nabisco Brands recently signed licensing agreement with NFL Properties - now what.

I received a call from NFL Properties, telling me that Nabisco Brands in East Hanover, NJ has recently signed a licensing agreement with NFL Properties to promote Oreos, Ritz and Teddy Grahams.  Now they were interviewing people and companies who may be able to help Nabisco and NFL Properties,make the most of this licensing agreement.

I met with the people at Nabisco and NFL Properties.  I learned about their target market.  We also discussed the results that both Nabisco and NFL Properties wanted to receive from this new licensing agreement.



Teddy Grahams

NFL Properties

I started to work with and coaching people at both, Nabisco and NFL Properties. I used business coaching to help everyone really analyze the market.  Through coaching, we explored different ways of reaching this targeted market.  We tested our action plans in Chicago, Philadelphia and Dallas.  The action plan produced the results we wanted.  We then rolled out a nationwide marketing campaign in 40 million newspapers.  This was supported by in store promotions, a sales force incentive program and a Super Bowl finale.

Results:Through the results of Business Coaching, planning and coaching through the completion of this promotion, Nabisco’s sales of Oreos, Ritz and Teddy Grahams increased by 23%. Nabisco never saw a promotional marketing campaign like this in their history. NFL Properties weretremendously successfulwith this licensing agreement.The additional royalties they received exceeded their goals. I was recognized by the National Premium Sales Executives, receiving the award for the best marketing program of the year. As a side note, I was also invited to be a guest of NFL Properties at The Super Bowl.

Business Scenario: Several businesses in different locations wanted Business Coaching within limited budgets.

Group Business Coaching – I was talking with several business owners that wanted Business coaching, but they thought they were constrained because they were in different geographic locations and they had limited finances. I explained to each of them how I offer Group Business Coaching for this exact scenario.
I interviewed each potential member of the group to make sure, coaching is right for them. Then, I looked at each business and each individual who wants Group Business Coaching. I always want to form the group so that the businesses compliment each other, they don’t compete with each other and the chemistry and synergy of the group will be outstanding. The business coaching group was established. This particular group meets every other week via, GoToMeeting. I have a basic agenda, but it is modified to meet the goals of the group. Some of the comments of the group members are:
  • Michael has enabled me to look at my business with a fresh set of eyes. By Structuring client and financial information with Michael’s methodology, I now possess concrete data and a business plan that enables me to work and achieve objectives and goals. 
  • Group Coaching has provided us the opportunity to ask questions of each other and give feedback in a non-judgmental way. This synergy has benefited our group to actively encourage, share knowledge, and offer assistance to each other.
  • In addition to coaching us, Michael is supportive of sharing information and ideas as we collectively want our “team” to succeed.
  • Michael is an excellent facilitator. In our group coaching sessions, he creates a very open yet engaging learning environment that allows the viewpoints of each participant. Michael’s group coaching has enlightened me and significantly improved my business approach.

Results: Group Business Coaching has been a tremendous success for my clients.  Their business operations, methodologies, and procedures have improved greatly.  Sales and Profits have increased.  My clients are now running their businesses, instead of their businesses running them.

Business Scenario: Videographer goes from almost zero to five times his goal within a year.

A fairly new business asked me if business coaching can help him.  I did my initial conversation with him.  Then we had a more in-depth conversation.  Then the potential client signed up for a DISC Assessment.  A business person has to know themselves first.  Their behavior, strengths, weaknesses and communication style.  I was also able to learn more about the potential client through his DISC Assessment.  This was a valuable tool in assessing, if coaching can help him.

The result, was that I felt that I could coach him and he was coachable.  He is committed to his business and willing to do the action items required from our coaching sessions.  Through business coaching, we set up a targeted sales and marketing plan.We set a sales goal for the year.  We established weekly actions.  When we started our coaching program, his sales were very low. 

Results: By the end of the year, he quintupled his sales goal.  His sales were five time what he thought he could doThis is where I get that thrill of victory.  When I show a client how he can be so much better than he has ever been before.