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The book – We Found Excellence was written by Michael Kaye. Michael wrote this book to teach and inspire entrepreneurs and people who were thinking about being entrepreneurs, what entrepreneurship is all about. Michael has started several businesses. He knows the roads he traveled and the lessons he learned. But he wanted to inspire, motivated, teach and share not only his experiences, but the experiences of eighteen other entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds what they went through, experienced, had to overcome, their successes and thrills of victory. This was a year long project, that was celebrated when he was asked to present his book at the Massachusetts State Capital in the Great Hall of Flags. 

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We Found Excellence
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    5.0 out of 5 stars Lessons in Excellence,
    Michael Kaye provides a manual for business that is equally informative and inspirational. I was uplifted by the numerous case studies, across a variety of industries, where entrepreneurs became successful. While the studies demonstrate that hard work pays off, Mr. Kaye assures us that winning at business is possible in every economic environment and how most successful people have fun in the process. Drawn from the inspirational case studies, Mr. Kaye gleans a list of ” ” lessons for business excellence that serves as a field guide for all budding entrepreneurs. If you’re looking for guidance on getting started or restarted in building your business…eureka! By Samantha Edwards (New England, USA)
    5.0 out of 5 stars An inspiring read!
    Great advice for aspiring or current business owners, chock full of motivational stories and inspirational quotes. A must read! By Susan M. Bailey
    5.0 out of 5 stars A great resource!
    This book was very inspirational and a great resource for those looking to go into business. Not only are there lessons to be learned from this book about business, but also about life. By Bradford E. Pratt
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    I applaud Michael's effort to chronicle entrepreneurial stories in the book on "Excellence". The case studies in all their rich diversity inspire us to continue down a challenging ' path rarely chosen'.
    Kelley C. Chunn, Principal
    Kelley Chunn and Associates
    We Found Excellence, when we found Mike... From the moment Mike called me and came to my office, his passion on the subject of his book, "We Found Excellence" was obvious. Mike wanted everyone he met to tell how they succeeded and what obstacles they encountered along the way in order to help other Minority and Women businesses.
    Thank you for your passion, leadership and dedication to the M/WBE's as well as the small business sector that is the soul of our Country, especially in creating jobs.
    Loretta T. DeGrazia, President and CEO
    East Coast Petroleum Corp.