Group coaching is where a dedicated coach is working with a group of people.  Group coaching sessions can be in person, via phone, or on-line using tools such as GoToMeeting or Zoom.  Some client engagements use all three methods and some engagements use one or two methods.  The method of coaching is determined as per what is best for the group.

Group coaching has the advantage of capitalizing on the synergy of the group to create conversations, solutions and a team environment. 

The people in the group can be from the same company, different companies or a combination of both.  The Business Coach will form the group knowing the needs and agendas of each participant so that the sum of the group will be greater than the sum of its individual participants.In developing the group, The Business Coach will look for that positive chemistry among the members of the group.

Group coaching has a weekly and monthly agenda for the group.  This agenda is sometimes modified as the group evolves and specific needs of the group are identified.