About Michael

Michael Kaye, President and CEO of The Business Coach, brings more than 29 years of hands-on business experience to The Business Coach, LLC and his clients. Expertise in starting, developing and growing new and existing businesses and divisions. He has worked with individuals, small and medium sized businesses and several Fortune 500 companies. Start-ups to Coco-Cola, NFL Properties, General Motors and McDonald's Corp. The common thread throughout his career is the thrill of victory he experiences when he is helping his clients succeed, reach and exceed their goals.

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Who We Are

The Business Coach, LLC, is a Business Coaching and Management Consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses and individuals reach and exceed their goals. The Business Coach, LLC is dedicated to helping our clients improve their personal performance and the performance of their business. We make People and Businesses more Successful.

Established in 1997, we are an award-winning leader in Business Coaching and Management Consulting. We provide solutions unique to the goals and objectives that our clients want to achieve by taking a custom approach to each coaching / consulting partnership.

My Why

My Passion

I was very fortunate to learn throughout my life what an impact a coach can make on someone's life. I was lucky to have some of the best coaches that had ever lived.

I love to teach, coach and help people to become successful. It is extremely fulfilling to coach clients to become even more successful, than they ever thought they could be. I get that thrill of victory when I see my coaching clients succeed and surpass their goals. That is why I love to do what I do and why I am, The Business Coach.


My Why Continues..


The Business Coach Team

Our team is dedicated to making your business run better and to provide
expert advice and business solutions to help your business succeed.

Chief Operating Officer


Computer Expert

Leadership Coaching and Team Development

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